Blastoff Racing in ‘Best episode yet’ of of Amazon’s Grand Tour

Blastoff Racing featured in last Friday’s episode of Amazon’s Grand Tour and was hailed as the ‘best yet’ by fans after seeing Jeremy Clarkson break a record at Coniston reports The North West Evening Mail.

The episode was the latest in the show’s second season on Amazon Prime.

Alison Whalley, chairman of Coniston Powerboat Records Week, praised the show for highlighting the ‘beauty’ of the area.

She said:

We welcomed The Grand Tour to Coniston last November, and the programme showing Jeremy Clarkson achieving a national record in the Amphibious Experimental Unlimited class was released last week.
Mr Clarkson was one of 49 competitors attempting records at the 2017 event and we were pleased that he was one of the 25 successful attempts.

Viewers took to Twitter after the show was released, with Jamie Green saying:

Best episode of @thegrandtour yet! Nice to see coniston as well.

Another user, D T Dean, said:

This is Grand Tour back to its best, as in when it was called Top Gear. Don’t change it now.

Each year, thousands descend on Coniston to pay homage to some of the heroes of speed racing.

Last year’s effort was hailed as a tremendous success, with increased number of entries and spectators throughout the week.

There were 49 entries, 182 runs and 25 records broken on the measured Kilometre in the 47th Records Week.

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